Non-Commercial General Aviation Flights

The flights described on this website are non-commercial General Aviation (GA) flights with light aircraft. Passengers should be aware that flights done under cost-sharing are not commercial flights and that those flights are carried out by pilots holding a Private Pilot license. For further details please continue reading.

Passengers Information

This website describes cost-shared flight on light aircrafts. You should be aware of the fact that safety rules for cost-shared flights are not as strict as they are for commercial air transport flights. This means that there is more risk involved in taking a cost-shared flight than buying a ticket from a commercial airline operator, where much stricter safety rules apply and where the aircraft, pilots and the operator are subject to continuous checks and strict oversight rules from the authority. As opposed to commercial airline passenger flights, the risk levels involved in General Aviation flights can be compared with risk levels found in road transportation.

For those who are interested in getting more information on the safety charter and cost shared flights please visit this EASA Website.